Michael Cohen. Get in line, and by the way, “it goes around the block,” if you know what I mean. Thank you very much.

When I was in production for my album “Never In Blue,” (2004) I got a many a “cross-eyed” response from fellow writers, publicans. I’d get the “Nobody is ever going to remember who the hell ‘Rudy Giuliani’ is in years ahead JP.” And the “next” “let me buy ya’s another beer.” Trash it. And I’d laugh. After all. They didn’t know. If it wasn’t for RG and the Tyson Civil Rights Class Action litigation case against NYC and his “mayorship,” NIB would never have made any ink. But 25k does have its – motivation.  Thank you again the Brinckerhoff Civil Rights Esq., NYC, on the “Strip and Search,” payday.

Some time after having released NIB, Never In Blue, on CD Baby and iTunes, and various B sides and draft demos of my song “Rudy’s Money,” on my website(s), it was always curious to me why my music and analytic metrics indicated this song, and my website, were visited widely by numerous points beyond I never knew I might have an “audience.” ?? Not saying. But I don’t ever remembering meeting anyone in NY from the Ukraine or the “Russian federation,” PRC, among other points beyond and that has long – “boggled” my mind. Until. Recently.

And I do concede with my fellow more gifted songwriters, it’s not my best song, I admit.

But. Substance over form. And this mash-up vid, worse. But all, nonetheless, worth mentioning, Je venue penser.