One of the greatest teachers I am so grateful to have studied with in my life as a musician. I have had a few. He was poetic, direct and so memorable to endeavor the peasant early learner or aspiring musician into a world of Western music few could have ever imagined existed. From Vivaldi, the 3 Bs, to Stravinsky and beyond. He encouraged me to be a “teacher,” after my class practice lectures, and we were friends for life. ; ) UCLA brought me to Dr. Stevenson, David Raksin film music studies (And lectures about his friendship with film cat name Charlie Chaplin) and Henri Lazarof, a very difficult study session presenter – academic (bedside manners aside), beyond one I could ever have imagined, but so appreciated all the more. Especially his homestead in Bel Air where he invited all of us that “passed” his “orchestration” class, with “A’s.” It was a moment. ; )