Ok. Today I was somehow inspired. And inspiration brought me back to 2002, and a song I wrote, “New York City White Christmas Night.” Ok. Hoky-moky. But. For some reason I thought about it tonight. And it was during the winter of 2001 – Fall of 2002, I had most of this tune, somewhat finished.

While pausing to remember when was the last NYC white Christmas, I checked the weather logs. I recall it snowing heavily around 10:45 p.m., while taking the 104 northbound on Bway, December 24, 2002. Bus driver had to slow down significantly to prevent “sliding” and slippery swerve while turning.

While looking up the above history and enjoying the 20th anniversary of this song and that “snowy” night, singing it to the “bus” driver on that ride to 106th St, “Tap A Keg.” While, just then, this evening, a big white truck came around the corner of the parking lot. Caught my eye. Thinking about that evening long ago.

Like the timing of that song and that White Christmas 2002, I couldn’t help but feel.. The ghost of Christmas past was communicating, most appreciably! ; 0 And I decided to share it again with all. Enjoy.