Not Just Another Day In America

What a touching story. Meanwhile. I remember this day, like it was yesterday.  I was across town, state lines, on duty for employer law firm, filing papers in US federal court, Newark, NJ. But by the time I arrived to the clerk’s counter, to file papers, I was clueless. Yet, already – were Howard … Read More »

Politico & Masculinity Absurdly Differ

Thank you Glenn Stanton Politico Blames Masculinity For Mass Shootings. Here’s Why That’s Ridiculous Maleness is not the reason behind suicides, wars, bar fights, robberies, and every other social pathology that are pretty much the exclusive domain of men. Politico posted a uniquely poor commentary last week on the real cause of mass shootings. It’s … Read More »

Letting go of the covers. Watch out!

You never know what’s going to come out. Or off! : 0 For the young at heart, you’re safe. Because, it’s “My Kind Of Town.” For one – Steve Goodman and, of course the Chicago Cubs. Next year cowboys! Won’t you join me.

To my FB friends. and CFM Jams & Grooves

Recently had to take down my “Layla” tribute covers due to legal reasons. As, I’m still a little behind on additional retainers add-ons, and CFM is a non-profit, to be, until the next board meeting.  meanwhile – i’ve posted the same links here, for JMP/CFM fans and members, family, and patient truck and taxi drivers … Read More »

RIP Arnold Palmer – Golfing Legend

I greatly admired Mr. Palmer as a young man and learning to golf in SoCal. Having had the opportunity to play Pebble Beach once, I learned to appreciate how easy the pros can make it seem. Was lucky enough to bogey on #4, but 8 – 10 had me knee high in sand and rough. … Read More »

Blog To Blog (misc note)

Now I have a blog on my new custom WP website. I can now write at my own leisure. What a concept. No need to use any more middle-men. Bulletin board inbetweens. Plan to pre-post some cover tunes I’ve been working on for a compilation album I’d like to release later this year. Much to … Read More »