Early Days and JFK

While growing up in SoCal during the 1960s, I had a cousin, James Gavin, that was a helicopter pilot. He was JFK’s, (RFK?) personal pilot on various occasions back then. The picture posted herein, was taken in Los Angeles July 1960 around the time of the DNC convention. Mercury Helicopters was the company where both … Read More »

You May Not Know, Until You Know, Years Later.

In 1995, I was the paralegal supervisor for a very white shoe law firm in NYC.  One day in spring that year I was informed by the managing partner that a foreign credentialed attorney was coming to work for the firm.  Being that the attorney was non-admitted to the bar in NYC, he was being … Read More »


SPLIT-LEAFS BLUE SEPTEMBER John Michael Pendley In mid-September 1968, fifty years ago, a plant, “Philodendron,” arrived at my family’s home in southern California, unexpectedly. It was donated to our family from a community of “strangers.” “Anonymous” the card read; we’d otherwise have never come to know if it wasn’t for that particular September, that year. … Read More »

Not Just Another Day In America

What a touching story. http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/23902766/nasa-astronaut-ellison-onizuka-soccer-ball-survived-challenger-explosion Meanwhile. I remember this day, like it was yesterday.  I was across town, state lines, on duty for employer law firm, filing papers in US federal court, Newark, NJ. But by the time I arrived to the clerk’s counter, to file papers, I was clueless. Yet, already – were Howard … Read More »