Missing Max

I worked with Greg Gilford, a/k/a Max Gilford, some years ago. He produced and arranged backup vocals, among other things, on my album “Delano” in 1997. He was shy for some years about his prestigious fame at 18, co-founder and performing with “The Thomas Group,” recording with the “Wrecking Crew,” P.F. Sloan, son of the … Read More »

Rudy’s Money – And Then Some

Michael Cohen. Get in line, and by the way, “it goes around the block,” if you know what I mean. Thank you very much. When I was in production for my album “Never In Blue,” (2004) I got a many a “cross-eyed” response from fellow writers, publicans. I’d get the “Nobody is ever going to … Read More »

Robert Murrell Stevenson (1916-2012)

One of the greatest teachers I am so grateful to have studied with in my life as a musician. I have had a few. He was poetic, direct and so memorable to endeavor the peasant early learner or aspiring musician into a world of Western music few could have ever imagined existed. From Vivaldi, the … Read More »

Early Days and JFK

While growing up in SoCal during the 1960s, I had a cousin, James Gavin, that was a helicopter pilot. He was JFK’s, (RFK?) personal pilot on various occasions back then. The picture posted herein, was taken in Los Angeles July 1960 around the time of the DNC convention. Mercury Helicopters was the company where both … Read More »