JMP is a seasoned singer and multi- instrumentalist who writes songs and composes music. His diverse interest in various forms of composition and song likens him to a rare breed of artists that are fundamentally able to cross the great divide of music genres.

He is a multi-instrumentalist (singer, guitar, piano, percussionist and harmonica, among others) in the truest sense and has mastered the multitude of multi-media digital technology to create music on a number of levels. His compositions range in influence from “Tin Pan Alley” to the “Dust Bowl” to current trends in contemporary Jazz fusion. He doesn’t limit himself from one school to another and bows to the adage Duke Ellington made popular in saying, “If it sounds good, it is good!” From his early music studies and performance days in so-Cal big bands to present, John has been fortunate to have performed or recorded with notables such as Phil Woods, Pete Townshend, Eric Marienthal, Ray Mantilla, Scott Napoli, Kenny Brescia, among many others.

In a follow up to his album “Delano” (1997), JMP now embarks and delivers on a number of fronts with his 2005 release of Never In Blue. Never In Blue is a continuation of JMP’s “wide plate” of interest which combines a number of styles into one creative nugget.

jan 26, 2015