About JMP 2

A number of recordings dating back to the early 1990s to present are currently being remastered for “compilation purposes,” release name to be determined, for digital download late  2020. This work will include a compilation of covers, 12 new release records, in addition to a compilation of favs, and previously unreleased b-sides from the past. An ambitious and cumulative number of records, perhaps 3 CDs length in total.

Being a seasoned singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, JMP produces his recordings via the DAW (digital audio workstation).  Some of his compositions, or cover arrangements, range in influence from “Tin Pan Alley” to the “Dust Bowl” to current trends in contemporary Jazz fusion. From his early years of music study to present, he has been fortunate to have shared performance opportunities or record with names that include Phil Woods, Pete Townshend, Ray Mantilla, Scott Napoli, Kenny Brescia, among others.

JMP’s 1999 “Delano” record was initially released on MP3.com, followed by his 2005 “Never In Blue,” record that resonates with a variety of influences from all styles mentioned above. More recent recordings can be found on on iTunes, Rhapsody and more.